Officers & Committee Chairs


Yoonji Stella white coatStella Yoonji Hur- President

"It is my honor to be a part of this amazing organization! I am looking forward to work with the SNPhAm to serve the community."


Jameisha Shavers- Vice President

"I look most forward to living the SNPhA mission of serving the underserved. It is my honor, and I want to make my chapter the very best it can be."

shannon white coatShannon Alexander - President Elect

“I’m really looking forward to working with everyone- to stand together and live out SNPhA’s mission. I am equally excited and humbled to be in this position, and I’m looking forward to a great year!”


Rigo Segovia- Treasurer

"I am excited about all of the events planned this year. I hope to facilitate the SNPhA Chairs with the appropriate resources to reach out to the community, and reach out to future members."


21744512_1631189676911833_42472814_nAndrea Ampuero- Secretary

"I am thrilled to be part of this incredible organization! I hope our new members feel the passion that SNPhA has to serve and will replicate it to help us grow even more. Through the reporting of events, I hope to help our UGA SNPhA chapter to be nationally recognized."


 IMG_0397Brandy Jenkins- Pre-Pharmacy  Liaison 

"I am excited to expand our pre-pharmacy membership in SNPhA and work closely with the pre-pharmacy students in order to mentor and advise them about the pharmacy career path."

Justine white coat

Justine Nurse-McLeod- Public Relations Liaison 

"I am honored to spend yet another year working within such a passionate and impactful organization! This year I am excited to continue expanding SNPhA’s outreach within our local Athens community and hopefully further!"




Eti Ebong


Fundraising Chair

“I am excited about seeing SNPhA continue to help the underserved and bring awareness to various diseases.”


Jennifer Dinh

Jennifer Dinh white coat


Operation Immunization Chair

"I am excited to see both new and old members and to be able to increase our communities awareness about different diseases."



Tosin Adelakun

Legislation Initiative Chair 

"I am excited to work on advancing the legislative branch of SNPhA and further imprint myself in the pharmacy world."

Anh Nguyen

Anh white coat

Bridging the Gap Chair

"Through my position within SNPhA, I'm excited to share our organization's message with those who may not be familiar with what we do. I hope to attract more members to take part in our community service events and to gain great ideas that will grow our chapter!"

Khalid Ziad

Power to End Stroke Chair

"My goal for the year is to educate the public about the dangers of stroke, and I look forward to working with everyone in SNPhA this year!" 



Ezimma Nmyagu


Mental Health Chair

"Hello SNPhAm! I am not only excited to be a member of SNPhA, but I am also very proud to have the privilege of serving as one of this year's Mental Health Chairs. I look forward to using this position as a platform to dispel common mental health stigmas and link minority and underserved communities to essential mental health resources."

Jenny Bui

Remember the Ribbon Chair

"I'm really looking forward to being able to take on the stigma of HIV/AIDS and get more people talking about an important topic. I am also very excited to work with all of SNPhA to contribute to the great work we all strive to accomplish."


Viraj Desai

Mental Health Chair

"As a Mental Health chair for SNPhA, I'm excited to promote mental health awareness on campus. Additionally, I look forward to working with my fellow peers and professors to cultivate an environment of acceptance and understanding in regards to mental health."



Taylor Harris

Diabetes Initiative Chair

"I'm happy to be serving as the diabetes chair this year! My goal is to plan meaningful events that raise awareness and help patients take care of themselves."



Judy Braich



Chronic Kidney Disease Chair

"As CKD chair, I am very excited to plan events that involve educating the community on the importance of good kidney health and risk factors for chronic kidney disease. My goal is to incorporate multiple age populations like the elderly,  students,  and even children to spread awareness to as many people as possible."